Nick Johnson - Our story

Our Story

Citipeak Events is an outsourced sales and marketing firm based in London. The services delivered by Citipeak are used by established brands as well as start-ups looking to increase their customer database, to improve brand awareness and provide a first-class customer buying experience. Citipeak Events work closely with their clients to understand the vision of their brand, so they can tailor a specific sales and marketing campaign to suit individual requirements.

Citipeak Events was established in early 2012 by Managing Director, Nick Johnson. Over the years, Citipeak has increased their market reach beyond London to other parts of the UK so they can provide their clients with a greater coverage of the UK market. This fast growth is reflected in the vibrant, ambitious and innovative nature of the firm’s culture.

Our Culture

The culture of Citipeak Events is one of growth, support and ambition. Citipeak has an inclusive working environment that rewards and celebrates hard work and recognises individual achievements. Entrepreneurship and career progression are two of the company’s core values: “Citipeak doesn’t believe in someone just having a job; we want them to have a career which they can mould to suit their professional and personal goals”, Nick Johnson (Managing Director). Regular training workshops, seminars and conferences alongside managerial mentoring sessions for the firm’s sales & marketing professionals has instilled a confident work ethos throughout the company.

Citipeak Events believes that a company is only as good as the people they work with, which is why teamwork makes up the structure of Citipeak’s business model. The supportive team environment creates a learning atmosphere that encourages individuals to share their achievements; this communication goes a long way to generate a confident and happy working environment. Weekly team nights and breakfast meetings are one of the few ways Citipeak create a cohesive group and provide opportunities for networking to help with professional and personal development. Examples of team nights with Citipeak include 5-a side football, golf and any other activity that brings out the competitive streak in our people!

Citipeak Events is always looking for fresh talent; with an eye continually looking out for individuals who possess the capability to manage client’s campaigns and individuals who can ensure excellent customer service at Citipeak’s retail-based events. Citipeak looks for ambitious and spirited individuals because it creates a productive working environment and better results for our clients.

Citipeak Events’ goal is to continue to grow throughout the UK and to diversify its client portfolio. As an organisation that has dramatically grown since their establishment in 2012, the opportunities for progression and career advancement are in abundance, especially for the Millennial generation, as Citipeak still looks to expand.