London-based personalised event marketing firm Citipeak Events comment on the views expressed by documentary filmmaker Louis Theroux that marketing is being underappreciated.

Speaking at the Festival of Marketing on 10th October, Louis Theroux talked about his beliefs that marketing is an ‘unacknowledged art form’. The documentary filmmaker expressed his views that marketing is a careful balance of seduction and sales, and that there is much to enjoy about the sector.

Personalised event marketing firm Citipeak Events have seen the comments made by Louis Theroux and agree with his views. The London-based firm states that understanding human behaviour is one of the most critical aspects of marketing – a trait no doubt shared by Theroux over his many years studying the human psyche.

This understanding and the ability of marketing (especially face to face) to find small connections and build relationships is ever more invigorating and redemptive in a society where people seem to get separated from one another. As experts in producing creative and personalised marketing campaigns for their clients, Citipeak Events state that to reduce this separation and to build closer relationships with consumers, there must be a narrative that captivates the consumer. Within a marketing campaign, the story must fulfil a consumer’s want or need to build the meaningful connection, says Citipeak Events.

Citipeak Events suggest to businesses that they must create compelling marketing campaigns that will make people love their brand.;

As a brand, you must get people to care about what you do and the message you are sending. Consumers like to feel cared about before they feel a connection with a brand so you must incorporate a narrative that builds a connection and a level of trust from the consumer above anything else,” stated a spokesperson for Citipeak Events.

Citipeak Events uses in-person event marketing strategies to present their clients compelling narrative to consumers. The firm continue to use this marketing strategy because they can effortlessly build relationships with new customers and maintain loyalty with existing customers.