Citipeak Events, a London-based personalised marketing firm question whether current marketing degrees are fit for purpose.

Theory, balanced with practical activity is necessary for university degrees, states Citipeak Events.  As the CMO of Santander believes that degrees are putting too much emphasis on theory, the personalised marketing firm positions themselves that students need to work with real-time simulations to bring learning to life and better prepare them for the world of marketing.

Brands have started to question whether marketing degrees are fit for purpose because of the perception that they are too theoretical and lack a complement of in-practice work.  IBM’s Vice President, Joanna Daley, declared in a recent statement that roughly 15% of those hired in the USA don’t have a University degree.  A marketing degree is no longer a clear road to job opportunities due to the lack of hands-on experience that graduates come away with, believes Citipeak Events.

‘Times have changed, and marketing degrees are no longer the only way to get into the sector’ says Nick Johnson, Managing Director of Citipeak Events.  ‘I’m not saying that people should stop doing degrees entirely, but the composition of degrees must change and orientate themselves commercially if graduates want to stay competitive with their peers who take opportunities that offer on the job training’ added the Managing Director.

Citipeak Events have a hugely successful talent acquisition process and has long held the belief that a degree is not an essential prerequisite to work with the firm. Many times previously, Citipeak Events has identified a strong work ethic, ambition, excitement for the industry and motivation to achieve goals as what they look for when deciding to work with a new contractor. The firm believes that to exclude those without a degree eradicates a considerable amount of potential; ‘We remain convinced in our approach that a degree is not essential to have a long and fruitful sales and marketing career’ said a spokesperson for Citipeak Events.

Citipeak Events has a unique in-house development programme which provides their contractors with the necessary knowledge, skills, and practical experience to have a successful career within their industry. The firm recognises that although degrees are hugely beneficial and many other benefits come from attending University; a degree isn’t something that they exclusively ask for when acquiring new talent. Citipeak Events opens their doors to individuals from all backgrounds and with different levels of experience.

Citipeak Events can offer ambitious individuals the opportunity to gain theoretical and practical experience in sales and marketing, unlike a traditional degree. They’re passionate about giving young professionals the kick-start they need to embark on a long and successful career.