With consumer trust in brands on the decline, personalised event marketing firm, Citipeak Events reveal the reasons why going directly to customers will benefit businesses.

Edelman’s 2018 Trust Barometer has exemplified that consumer trust in social media has declined to just 24%.  The survey has also exposed that only 43% of Britons feel they can trust businesses today. With a concerning flatline in consumer trust across social media platforms and advertising, personalised marketing firm, Citipeak Events are claiming that the best way to gain confidence from customers it to go directly to them.

Warby Parker, Dollar Shave Club and Glossier are all examples of brands who have become part of the recent explosion in businesses going directly to consumers. Since their online launch in 2014, beauty brand, Glossier has carved out a niche in the billion-dollar global beauty market by attracting a legion of loyal customers through their direct-to-consumer approach in retail stores in key locations across the US.

Brands driving the direct-to-consumer approach will benefit from:

  • A strengthened brand image because the target audience hear an accurate re-tell of the brand story
  • Gaining a rich source of consumer data because the brand develops a clear understanding of how and why their customers buy
  • Better personalisation for customers because direct conversations will build a greater understanding of needs, likes and dislikes
  • More referrals to friends and family because humans have an altruistic desire to share positive experiences with those close to them

According to research, 76% of those questioned stated that the most important attribute when it comes to referring a brand to a friend or family is credibility and trust. Citipeak Events say that referrals are excellent ways for brands to develop relationships with existing customers and they also maximise the potential for future trust with new customers.

With brands today facing unprecedented competition, Citipeak Events state that when building trust, brands must engage positively with consumers at various stages of the buying cycle, and with those who are not even thinking of buying. And that going directly to them is the most efficient way to do this.