Frequently Asked Questions

As we expand and develop, the company is asked many different questions about the nature of our business and how we operate. As such, this section is devoted to common questions.

Who are Citipeak Events?
Based at its Head Office in Angel (EC1V), Citipeak Events is an event marketing company that provides exceptional standard, face-to-face marketing executives for a diverse range of industries seeking to outsource their marketing needs.

What does Citipeak Events do?
We provide our clients with an event marketing solution. We set up events and promotions, representing our clients’ brands to increase their sales revenue through building relationships with customers and providing them with a personalised buying experience.

Where does Citipeak Events operate?
Our immediate sphere of influence encompasses Essex, London and the Home Counties. However, our resources extend throughout the whole of the UK and can be employed with immediate effect to the clients’ individual needs.

What is event marketing?
Event marketing is the process of running themed exhibits, presentations and pop-up events to promote a product, service or cause. Unlike other marketing techniques, event marketing uses face-to-face communication to increase customer engagement and deliver a more memorable and personalised buying experience.