The secret is out. Consumer-to-brand experiences are a powerful way to create loyalty and advocacy for brands. Here, personalised event marketing specialists, Citipeak Events outline their ‘essential event marketing’ checklist that will re-invigorate even the stalest of brands.

Event marketing remains one of the best strategies for creating quality first impressions on consumers that convert them into loyal brand advocates. With reports of 74% of consumers saying that engaging with a branded event marketing experience makes them more likely to buy the advertised products or services, personalised event marketing firm Citipeak Events outline their essential event marketing checklist that remains a sure-fire way to increase any brand’s customer base.

Firstly, the brand’s objectives must be defined, says Citipeak Events. Brands must have an unclouded vision of what it is that they want the customer to take away from the experience. Citipeak Events also states that there needs to be a consistent strategy in place to measure success or failure.

Secondly, for an event marketing campaign to be successful, Citipeak Events outlines that a brand must first identify their target demographic to ensure money is not wasted and the brand ambassadors at the event spend time with the right type of consumers – the consumers that will turn into loyal customers! Consider the location of the event marketing experience so that the best place to reach the target audience is used, adds Citipeak Events.

Thirdly, brands must consider that the customer feels like they have gained something of value to them after interacting with the brand, says Citipeak Events. Consumers today want to know what is in it for them, and that they will gain something from their interaction. For example, will they learn something new, make an excellent saving or enjoy a free sample of a product?

Lastly, brands must take into account how the customer will feel after the experience of interacting with the brand at the event. The end game for any brand is to dominate their sector, and this will only happen for a brand if they have a loyal customer following outlines Citipeak Events.

Citipeak Events states that personalised, event marketing strategies are an extremely effective marketing solution that brands can use to turn their customer base into one of a loyal brand advocate. Event marketing experiences are compelling because the in-person interaction that happens builds a level of trust between the brand and their target demographic from the onset.