With a new emphasis on behaviour-focussed strategies for attracting diverse talent, personalised marketing firm, Citipeak Events dig deeper into why increasing numbers of businesses are ditching the old school CV when discovering talent.

Because the workplace is evolving into a more flexible and decentralised environment businesses are adapting their recruitment processes to tease out skills from the potential talent that a traditional CV does not articulate.

One example of a company shaking up their recruitment process is First Direct.  To help the recruitment team unearth personalities behind candidates First Direct host a ‘cocktails and careers’ evening at a bar in Leeds (the city where their head office is based).  Over a welcome cocktail, the recruiters explain more about the company and the opportunities available before giving the candidates a chance to have a chat with the managers through a ‘speed dating’ session.

‘Businesses will attract the best talent by mixing things up and challenging traditional methods’ said Nick Johnson, Managing Director of Citipeak Events.

Now that businesses are waking up to the fact that a diverse workforce adds the most value to a company, an increasing number of firms are getting innovative with how they recruit states Citipeak Events. “CV’s have the tendency to say the same thing, so by not focussing so much on them, individuals are given the opportunity to demonstrate their passion, enthusiasm and how they can separate themselves from the next person’ added Nick Johnson.

The worry is that many companies have a system of attracting talent that is broken and not in keeping with how the next generation is looking for work. Attracting talent is essential to get right if a company wants to grow and expand. New methods include using social media and apps to advertise plus an innovative selection process that relies less on a CV and more about drawing out personalities and talents.

‘Here at Citipeak we follow up a preliminary ‘meet and greet’ for selected individuals to come and spend a day with us to see what we do’ said Nick Johnson.  ‘The purpose of the day is to offer complete transparency in how the business works and provide an insight into our company culture. Training and progression opportunities are also explained to ensure the opportunity is the perfect fit all round’ said Nick Johnson.

Source: https://www.marketingweek.com/2018/05/11/brands-ditching-cvs-diverse-talent/