About Citipeak Events

Citipeak Events is an outsourced sales and marketing firm based in London. The Managing Director, Nick Johnson, founded the firm in early 2012 and since then, Citipeak Events has grown to become the most vibrant, ambitious and successful event marketing firm in London.

Citipeak Events provide a cost-effective marketing solution for a range of UK clients. We have a proactive approach to business and provide our clients with measurable results and a guaranteed ROI (Return on Investment).

We asked our clients the main reasons they use our services and the top 5 reasons were:
1. A cost-effective route to marketing
2. 100% guaranteed ROI
3. Increased brand exposure and building customer loyalty
4. High customer retention rates
5. Daily reporting and instant feedback

Our Company Background

Company Culture
We pride ourselves on having an inclusive company culture that rewards and celebrates hard work. We are an ambitious firm and believe that the individuals we work with should have the necessary skills to be the best person they can be. This is why the professionals we work with have been developed in every area of sales, marketing, leadership, presenting and management which has installed a confident work ethos throughout the company.

Entrepreneur and Managing Director of Citipeak Events, Nick Johnson, recognises the importance of investing time into people at Citipeak Events; therefore he regularly hosts motivational workshops to support continued learning and professional development. These workshops encourage everyone to be a valued member of the firm and helps prepare individuals for professional advancement.

The Managing Director, Nick Johnson is a successful businessman and entrepreneur. He has been in the sales and event marketing industry for eight years and due to his firm’s continued success and rapid growth rates, he is regularly asked to speak and share his business knowledge at various conferences up and down the UK.


Meet the team


Nick Johnson – Managing Director

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Managing Director of Citipeak Events, Nick Johnson is a graduate of Loughborough University and after finishing his undergraduate degree in Geography, Nick completed a Masters in Marketing and Management.

Either side of his education at Loughborough he was fortunate to travel the world, visiting Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Singapore and parts of America.

Due to his passion for skiing, he lived in the Alps for a season looking after a chalet! He tells us he is a great cook but we are yet to see any evidence of this!

It was then that Nick Johnson discovered the Sales and Marketing Industry and was encouraged by how much he could use his competitiveness and sports background to generate sales, make money and become successful in running his own business.

In 2010, he started his first small sales business before taking the leap to London. This is where Citipeak Events and Promotions was founded! Since 2012 he has seen the company grow throughout the UK whilst expanding the company’s client portfolio. However, he will always make time to travel to a new country or play a round of golf on a Friday!


Vicky Shaw – Head of Business Development 


Vicky is one of the main faces of Citipeak Events and has been in the industry for just over five years.

Previously being in education as a secondary school Geography Teacher, Vicky came to Citipeak Events in 2012 seeking more excitement, opportunities and career progression in the work place. Since then, Vicky has excelled in helping Nick expand the business by focusing her talents on the company’s marketing, PR and recruitment sectors.

Vicky has a competitive streak as she likes to snowboard and keeps active by taking part in various London Bootcamps such as BMF and Asics. She also has the bug for running half marathons for charity. On top of that, Vicky has a curious nature and has collected an impressive list of passport stamps. After visiting places such as South America and Iceland, it is the French “je ne sais quoi” in Paris that has won her heart and is her all-time favourite city.


Georgie Mealing Gibbon – Recruitment Consultant

With a background in psychology and sales, Georgie Mealing Gibbon is excellent at building relationships with people.  Georgie lived in New York for two years, but since returning to London, she has moved into recruitment.  Georgie thrives in her role as Recruitment Consultant for Citipeak Events and is an exceptional addition to the company.