About Citipeak Events

Citipeak Events is an outsourced sales and marketing firm based in London. The Managing Director, Nick Johnson, founded the firm in early 2010 and since then, Citipeak Events has grown to become the most vibrant, ambitious and successful event marketing firm in London. We have a market reach stretching beyond London into other parts of the UK, including Manchester, Cardiff, Birmingham and Liverpool.

Citipeak Events provide a cost-effective marketing solution for a range of UK clients. We have a proactive approach to business and provide our clients with measurable results and a guaranteed ROI (Return on Investment).

We asked our clients the main reasons they use our services and the top 5 reasons were:
1. A cost-effective route to marketing
2. 100% guaranteed ROI
3. Increased brand exposure and building customer loyalty
4. High customer retention rates
5. Daily reporting and instant feedback