As companies wake up to the necessity of investing in the future of their talent pool, Citipeak Events identify why this wake up is so important and praise brands who have already done so.

Recruiting and retaining diverse talent is a challenge that brands face daily. There is an on-going struggle to find individuals who not only fit in with a company’s vision and culture but who also have the necessary skills to drive the business forward.

As highlighted by data from Marketing Weeks’ career and salary survey over the past 20 years, job mobility is famously high within the marketing sector. This year, 81% of surveyed respondents suggested they are likely to change job within three years and 38% plan to do so by the end of 2018. In response to this data, Citipeak Events has stated that brands need to get savvy if they are to retain their top marketers for longevity.

One of the best ways that a company can get loyalty from individuals is for them to demonstrate how they will invest in their future development. The personalised event marketing firm, Citipeak Events state that if a brand wants to position themselves as a place for long-term careers, then they must show a commitment to investing in professional development.

For example, Broadcaster UKTV has developed a ‘Brand Academy’ programme with an aim to educate, inspire and empower their workforce by kitting them out with an in-depth knowledge of how the marketing industry works through lunchtime ‘MindWok’ talks and half-day workshops.  And after a major recruitment drive with 60 marketing openings, the company Pentland Brands has unveiled an in-house brand-building academy. ‘Brand Building the Pentland Way’ will give its global workforce access to development workshops, toolkits and events that will help individuals build on their careers while working for the company.

London-based Citipeak Events brings together entrepreneurship and career progression within a culture of growth, support and ambition which has resulted in many talented individuals choosing to stay with the firm long-term. The Managing Director Nick Johnson has said that “Citipeak doesn’t believe in someone just having a job. We want them to have a career which they can mould to suit their professional and personal goals”. As a commitment to this ethos, the firm host regular training workshops, seminars and conferences alongside managerial mentoring sessions for the firm’s sales & marketing professionals. This investment in personal development to has instilled a loyal and confident work ethos throughout the company.