With 2016 fast approaching, event marketing and sales firm, Citipeak Events take the time to review their successes and highlights of 2015 and plan business goals for the New Year.

 2015 has been a successful year for the London-based event marketing and sales firm, Citipeak Events. The firm has experienced rapid growth over the past year, with plans to continue this growth into 2016 and beyond.  The firm are strong market leaders in the event marketing industry and have continued to beat off competition from rival firms to remain at the top of their game. On Wednesday 16th December 2015, Citipeak Events hosted a business conference at the London Bridge Hotel; the aim of this conference was to review the firm’s successes and highlights of 2015 and to set new business goals to be achieved in 2016.

Goals are resolutions to achieve a desired result. Whether short or long-term, they will help provide a clear understanding of what a company or individual is striving to accomplish. Successful companies set goals. Citipeak Events states that if a company does not set goals, they will have no defined purpose and nothing to strive for; consequently, they stagnate and struggle for meaningful accomplishments. Citipeak Events believe that goals must be present in every business plan and be a regular part of ongoing business operations.

‘It is very important for the firm to take the time to reflect on what a great year 2015 has been for us. The past year has been full of highlights and I feel that it is important for us as a company to recognise these before we move into the new business year’ said Nick Johnson, Managing Director of Citipeak Events. ‘This year has ended on a high and I plan use this momentum when moving into the New Year to ensure we are set up for an even better 2016 from the beginning’ added Nick Johnson.

Citipeak Events is London’s most ambitious and dynamic outsourced event marketing and sales firm.  The company develop and execute event marketing campaigns that take their client’s products and services directly to the target market, demographic and geographical area. The successful and established firm use a personalised approach that enables them to generate immediate and easily measurable results for their client’s brand. Citipeak Events regularly evaluates and devises new goals in order to drive business success.