The Managing Director of personalised event marketing firm Citipeak Events is a huge Liverpool fan, but unbiasedly feels his firm can learn valuable business lessons from the club.

As a club with 770 million passionate and loyal followers and a digital presence that consistently reaches more than 56 million people across 50 social media channels, Liverpool FC is a global brand that businesses can look at to learn many valuable lessons, claims Citipeak Events.

Originating as the beating heart of an urban working-class population, Liverpool FC now offers an international footballing experience that is not limited to what the fans see on the pitch on match days. The experience they provide brings out a deep-rooted emotional connection that fans have with the club through the following:

– Atmospheric matchday experiences

– Anfield stadium tours

– Player and legend meet-and-greets.

This in-person contact is in addition to the variety of digital experiences offered by the club. The brand has a real understanding of what the club means to the fans, which is why they can flaunt a loyal following of 770 million supporters.

Brand experience is everything when looking to build a loyal customer base and the foundation of this experience comes from an understanding of consumer needs and wants. As a brand, Liverpool FC fully understands the needs of their fanbase, which is why they have such a devoted following, states Citipeak Events.

The customer-experience provided by the London-based firm comes from their event marketing strategies that build positive brand awareness and drives sales for their client’s specific requirements. Citipeak Events believes that brands can learn definitive lessons from Liverpool FC that will see them build a loyal customer base proud to have.

However – it’s not only the brand experience through the eyes of the customer that is important for the success of a company. A business must also create an organisation where people want to work at, and who are proud to be a part of, states Citipeak Events. For Liverpool FC, this goes far beyond a mazy solo run from Mo Salah, or a fingertip save from new signing Alisson. There is an entire army of people behind the global brand of the club, from the training staff to the office staff and match day hospitality staff and stewards.

The success of Citipeak Events has come mainly from their inclusive company culture that rewards and recognises hard work while investing time in the professional development of their contractors.

By following the lessons from Liverpool FC regarding customer experience and company culture, Citipeak Events have found themselves in a premier league of their own as they continue to dominate the London market for event marketing companies.