How we develop our campaigns

Our clients come first, so at Citipeak Events we endeavour to build and maintain strong relationships with our clients and our clients’ customers.

We use our knowledge and industry experience to help understand unique customer needs and requirements. Our marketing campaigns are constantly reviewed and analysed to ensure that our service is always of the highest quality and to remain competitive in the industry.

We develop a marketing campaign in 3 easy steps:

1. Define Client Objectives
We meet in person with our clients to ensure that we fully understand their marketing objectives. We aim to implement a unique marketing strategy for our clients within 6 weeks of the initial consultation.

2. Testing Specific Markets
We then run a test phase of the new campaign in up to 4 different markets. By doing this we can evaluate different locations, local markets and customer demographics. Results of this test phase are instantly reported back to the client.

3. Campaign Roll-Out
We meet with our clients on a regular basis to review the progress of the campaign. We guarantee results and provide daily reports so our clients are aware of how well the campaign is progressing.

Our Event Campaigns

According to the Event Marketing Institute, 86% of consumers become regular customers after interacting with a brand at event sites.

Event marketing is valuable to businesses because it allows for face-to-face communication with customers. Events are an effective way to showcase products and services in a tailor-made setting, plus it means we can find out more about a customer’s needs and requirements, therefore conducting essential market research that we can report back to our clients.

We host our own private events to allow us to reach prospective customers directly. At these event sites, we add the personal touch by building strong relationships with customers and guarantee that they have a unique buying experience. Therefore, event marketing is extremely powerful at generating sales, increasing customer loyalty and recapturing old customers.

Consumer’s today are savvy, and value their own buying experience. The main reason event marketing can help businesses to better the customer experience, is because it is personalised and unique to each customer. It gives brands an opportunity to connect with their target audience and allows for a mutual ground where back and forth communication between consumers and the brand is welcomed.

Event marketing is totally accountable because the break-even point can be calculated. This is the number of sales needed to cover the cost of the marketing. This is the reasons why we can guarantee our clients a 100% ROI and also identify areas that are most responsive and target them again in the future.

Our Business-to-Business Campaigns

Business-to-business, or B2B, involves one company selling products and services to another. The type of sale made is likely to be much larger than one on a business-to-consumer basis; this is because the company is likely to purchase the product or service for multiple sites or employees. The buyer must also justify the purchase to other members of the company, so it tends to be more financially driven.

B2B sales operate differently from business-to-consumer sales and therefore requires a different mind-set. It is important to be able to customise the sales approach to a business customer because the person buying will either themselves be a professional buyer, or a high-level executive with the personality of a decision maker.

Our professional B2B sales representatives take the time to understand different personalities in the workplace and provide companies with correct and insightful information on how the product or service on offer is able to help their business.